Covid-19 has developed throughout the USA over the past month or two.

However, Tip Top Soft Washing has adapted to the market by sanitizing and disinfecting all types of surfaces. We have invested into equipment that sanitizes and disinfects by the use of superheated dry steam. This equipment has the ability to kill all pathogens.

Through research they have found the virus can exist for either a short period of time or long period of time depending on how porus the material is. For example: money is a very porous material and the Covid-19 virus can be easily passed along through the exchanging of cash. We ask our customers to sanitize any cash they would make a payment with. If you are to write a check, please wear gloves while doing so. Then if placed in an envolope please do not lick the seal. The safest option is paying through our online source. Tip Top will provide an estimate at the end of the job and you can easily pay with a credit/debit card online.

If you are to high Tip Top Soft Washing, our team is trained to be wearing gloves at all times and respirators. We ask for customers to remain inside, however if you are to come outside please stand 25 feet back.

Naturally everything Tip Top cleans is sanitizing and disinfecting as well. We will go the extra step and whipe anything down that we have come in contact with during the clean.

Tip Top Soft Washing Exterior Cleaning Services

Dry Vapor Steamer, Used to Sanitize and Disinfect all surfaces.

Please wear a mask at all times while Tip Top is working on your property.