Restoration Services

Tip Top Soft Washing is a "CERTIFED APPLICATOR "of Deco Products.

Cleaning restoration is the act of restoring; renewal, revival, or reestablishment. Tip Top Soft Washing has expanded there exterior cleaning services to restoration cleaning. We have found that many homeowners don't have the time to keep up with there exterior cleaning. When a homeowner or property manager does not keep up with there exterior cleaning needs it is not as simple as washing it back to new. Unfortunately you have to restore your material which involves much more than a simple wash. However, once you have restore your windows, pavers, concrete, brick vinyl or stucco back to its original state it is much cheaper to keep up with your exterior cleaning needs than waiting until it is to late. Tip Top offers the following restoration services:

Pavers - Clean, Sand, Seal

Concrete Cleaning and Sealing

Rust Removal

Calcium & Efflorescence (Brick and Concrete

Concrete & Paver Restoration


Bring your property or business back to life by transforming its appearance. Restoring your concrete paver patio transformed to a "like new" appearance.

When your paver patio or driveway was installed it looked beautiful. After years of weathering, parties and foot traffic pavers begin to grow mold, algae, mildew and other fungus on the surface of the pavers. Its time to call Tip Top Soft Washing and get your patio, walkway or driveway back into shape. Our highly educated staff takes pride in "Restoration" and have all the correct equipment to assure the project is done 100% correct.

All areas that have sunk into the ground and have began to collect water are reset to make sure the pitch is back to normal. Tip Top has worked hard to developed a process that completely restores your pavers back to "like new" appearance. This is a great way to protect your investment and sharpen up the look of your property.



The cleaning process when restoring your pavers is the most important part of the process. Over time stains begin to form and efflorescence may have surfaced. You find that Pavers that DO NOT get sealed allow moisture to get underneath the pavers and begin to bleed efflorescence out onto the surface. In our three step restoration process cleaning the paver surfaces are the most important. Tip Top uses a hot water pressure washer to clean the surface of the pavers removing all mold, mildew, algae and efflorescence are 100% cleaned off the surface before moving onto the second stage of the restoration process.

Re-Sanding - Polymeric

Sand (Stage 2)

After the cleaning process is completed and the paver stones have dried completely, we fill the joints with polymeric sand to seal the joints of the pavers. Polymeric sand locks the pavers into place and avoids the growth of weeds growing up thru the pavers.


(Stage 3)

Sealing your pavers protects the surface of the stones by avoiding fading and enhancing the colors that were once in the pavers when first installed. Sealing the pavers will provide a waterproof surface to inhabit any absorbing of acid staining and will reduce the future cost for maintaining the pavers. The bond will strengthen the joints and will resist erosion of sand.


Concrete Paver's - Clean-Sand-Seal