Tip Top Soft Washing understand and takes seriously THE POWER OF RUST. We work hard to educate our customers that rust stains need to be addressed before it turns into a costly fix. Rust restoration is not as simple as power washing it clean. Overtime we have discovered rust comes in many forms. Each different type of rust has to be treated differently. Tip Top has worked closely with a company and soon to become considered a certified applicator of this product. We are currently in the process of becoming certified by a company who has developed a line of products specifically for rust removal on concrete, brick, pavers, tile, stone, concrete coatings, asphalt and surfaces.

Tip Top Soft Washing restoration can remove rust stains on the following surfaces:

  • Vinyl Siding

  • Concrete Surfaces

  • Pool decks and pool aprons

  • Asphalt Rust Stains

  • Battery Acid Stains

  • Irrigation and sprinkler rust

  • Dumpster pads

Concrete Surfaces:

Battery acid stains on concrete. Tip Top uses a proprietary solution that reverses and possible eliminates most of orange battery acid staining. These products are designed for the removal of rust and reverses the rust effect 90-100% of staining and restores the surfaces back to its natural state of color. These professional cleaners are the first to be environmentally friendly.

  • Vinyl Siding and Shutters

  • Rust on siding and shutters are extremely common. When applied by Tip Top we gently remove the stain with an authorized applicator.

  • Pool Decks found on the Deck Coating

  • Our solution is a perfect cleaner for concrete coatings, sealed concrete, pool decks and painted surfaces. As well as the removal of rust from pool chairs and oils)

  • Irrigation and Sprinkler Rust

  • This is common problem in many communities. This is mainly caused by the fertilization of your lawn or a neighbors fertilizing their lawn. This can be cleaned using the correct authorized applicator either with a one time cleaning or regular maintenance service.

  • Dumpster Pad Cleaning

  • We use the worlds best product for restoring dumpster pads from the rust damage.