Commercial Property Cleaning Services

Tip Top Soft Washing understands the importance of first impressions for commercial properties.  Whether its an entire strip mall, building, multi-unit apartment complexes, commercial building, sidewalks, Gum Removal, dumpster pad cleaning etc., Tip Top is highly educated and experienced to keep up with all your exterior cleaning.  We are fully insured, licensed and work to meet our customers expectations.  We have built our business on exceeding our customers needs, being a trustworthy business and most importantly have taken the time to learn the craft of professional exterior cleaning.


We provide commercial power washing services that can handle the dirt and grime on exterior features of your business such as sidewalks, concert, drive-through's, fences and other hard surfaces. Our professionals have the training and proper skills to safely handle the power washing equipment. Using a high pressured system to wash your hard exterior features is the best way to rid them of stains and dirt. We will have your business’s storefront looking brand new.

We also provide commercial soft washing services to the commercial business owners in the New Jersey Tri-State Area Tri-State area. If you are looking for a professional way to clean the exterior of your business without damaging your siding, this is the service for you.

Exterior Building Cleaning

Did you know that statistics say that customers take at least 3 seconds to examine the exterior of your store before entering?  With this being a true stat, it makes a business owner realize the true value in keeping your building/store front in "Tip Top" shape.  

Tip Top Soft Washing uses a low-pressure cleaning method using commercial grade equipment.  With the use of top of line equipment, hot water and proper detergents we can make your building look new again.  Also, through research within the industry it has been proven soft washing has many benefits.  Soft Washing is the safest and most effective way to gently clean traditional and synthetic stucco, also known as EIFS or Dryvit.  Its extremely effective because our proprietary solutions penetrate the deepest stains that are found on your building exterior surfaces.  Soft Washing allows you to notice a better, longer-lasting clean on all the exterior surfaces of your home and property.  

Our team has developed a program specifically for commercial property cleaning.

Multi-Living Facilities

(Apartment Complexes, Retirement Communities, Assisted Living Facilities)

When living in a safe property is it extremely important to have a multi-unit property such as apartment complexes, condos and more take there exterior cleaning needs seriously.  Properties will eventually start to fall apart such as the roofs, siding, awning, decks, fences and/or hardscapes (Concrete, Pavers, Sidewalks and more) due to algae, mold mildew buildup or simply the environments pollution can cause serious complications down the road.  Tip Top Soft Washing has developed a program to help property managers avoid this problem by simply keeping up with its exterior cleaning. It will avoid siding being damaged by sun rays and organic matter eating away its material.  Our soft wash process will prolong the process by nearly 40% longer than waiting until its too late.    

Our environmentally friendly, 100% biodegradable Soft-Wash System and our professionally trained and insured specialists are guaranteed to make your multi-unit property look like new.

What signs to look out for that your property needs Soft-Washing?

In multi-unit apartment complexes there are different types of surfaces such as brick, wood, vinyl and more.  When they begin to build up organic matter or the surface starts to look faded, worn or dull or perhaps dirty.  Before you begin to replace anything or paint over the surfaces you should call Tip Top Soft Washing to see if a soft wash would clean the surface to its "like new appearance".  Keeping up with your exterior cleaning can save you a lot of money in the long run.  

A majority of the time the surfaces appear worn, faded or tarnished on your building due to organic matter or a bacteria known as Gloecapsa Magma which grows on various surfaces around the property.  The infection of Gloecapsa Magma will continue to grow and could ultimately cause deterioration and damage.  THIS IS TRULY WHEN TIP TOP SOFT WASHING CAN BE CALLED UPON TO HELP SALVAGE THE PROBLEM AND SAVE YOU A LOT OF COSTS IN REPAIR. 

Commercial Window Cleaning

Window cleaning is extremely important for a variety of reasons.  For your business it keeps your store front or building clean enhancing your curb appeal and most importantly it extends the life of the windows itself.  

The appearance and cleanliness of your business is extremely important to you, your staff and the prospective clients.  When a prospective client passes by your location your curb appeal is the first impression and a reflection of your business.  You definitely want to show prospective clients that you care about your business by keeping your windows clean.  

Cleaning your windows regularly is not only an aesthetic choice but necessary maintenance.  Improper  maintaining of your windows can be costly and detrimental to a company's image.  Frequent window cleaning will eliminate the possibility of this happening.  

Our cleaning process involves using the latest technology by cleaning with the absolute purest water possible.  It is extremely safe, reduces cleaning time by as much as 60% of the time, produces pure water for as little as $.03 per gallon, cleans windows and frames and most importantly no chemicals needed and windows stay cleaner, longer with no chemical residue.

Hiring a professional guarantee's that your windows are done professionally and correctly.  Our maintenance program keeps your windows clean all year round.  You can count on Tip Top Soft Washing to be there when they are suppose to be and the stress of getting your windows cleaned is no longer something to worry about. 

Commercial Tip Top Soft Washing Services:

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Apartment Complexes

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