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Tip Top Soft Washing's house washing services uses "soft washing" technology that is a detergent based clean using low-pressure to apply a specialized cleaning solution to kill all the organic growth at its root.  Then it is followed by a low-pressure rinse, preventing the possibilities of damaging the surface with high pressure cleaning.  

 A standard house wash includes the entire exterior of your home whether its Vinyl, Brick, Stucco, Efis, Hardie Plank, clapboard or cedar shake.  Also, included is all facia, trim and the exterior of the gutters, garage doors, any overhangs and the entrance way to your home.  

 We provide the highest quality form of cleaning in the industry.  Our team has been together since I opened Tip Top Soft Washing.  

"If your looking for a high quality clean and experience then Tip Top Soft Washing is the company for you"

Paver Cleaning and Re-Sanding

Historical Cleaning :

Keep your rustic look but get your mold, mildew, algae and other organic matter cleaned.  By cleaning  older retaining walls, stairs and other historic surfaces, it avoids the organic growth from damaging the substrates.

Shutter Restoration


Professional residential exterior cleaning refers to the process of safely cleaning the exterior surfaces of a home, such as the walls, roof, gutters, windows, decks and more, using specialized equipment and techniques. 

Tip Top Soft Washing highly trained technicians use low pressure cleaning with detergents and other specialized tools to remove all organic growth, mold, dirt, grime and other stains from the surface of your home. 

The goal of professional residential exterior cleaning is to improve the appearance of the home and to protect its surfaces from damages caused by environmental contaminants. 

When hiring Tip Top  we recognize your home is one of your largest investments.  Unfortunately, all homes are exposed to the environmental elements and need to be maintained routinely to keep your home in "Tip Top" shape.  

Any exterior cleaning we do is treated by Tip Top as if it was our own home.  We work hard to provide the highest quality of work needed to meet all customers needs and more.  

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Clean-Sand-Seal Pavers

Professional Awning Cleaning 

Tip Top can clean your awning without removing it from the reel and make it look new again.  

The picture below is an after picture of two awing Tip Top recently cleaned. 

Roof Cleaning 

Interesting Facts About Roof Cleaning Science

Roof Washing (Soft Washing)

Tip Top Soft Washing uses a low pressure system that treats the entire roof without stepping a foot on it.  

Our process will kill all organic matter, Algae, Mold, Mildew and Lichen as well as bacteria that grows rapidly on roofs.  


Those ugly black streaks that appear on your roof are much more than just an eye sore to the neighborhood.  The black streaks that are seen on roof tops is a bacteria known as gloeocapsa-magma.  This algae is spread by wind and animals. According to an article on Shop Clean Today, "Many times a homeowner will just notice a spot, and in no time, half the asphalt roof shingles are covered. Increased moisture levels lead to the growth of lichen, mold and even moss."  (  

Tip Top Soft Washing has a proprietary roof cleaning solution that can safely remove the growth of bacteria, mildew, moss, lichen and algae.  Using our low pressure soft washing system Tip Top can safely remove the growth of these contaminants and extend the lifespan of your roof.   Also, according to an article on Shop Cleaner today,"because the algae is spread by the wind, annual roof shingle care and prevention is needed to prevent the Gloeocapsa Magma algae from returning. Roof Algal prevention needs to be applied annually to prevent the algae colony from regrowing to the point of being visible."  (  

There are certainly benefits to cleaning your roof, such as keeping your homes curb appeal looking clean, improving your homes efficiency, keeps your homes gutters clog free and helps to prevent safety risks.  Most importantly this will increase the lifespan of your roof. 


Algae is a living organism that thrives on dust, pollen, and the organic materials that make up the roof. Dampness triggers its growth. Stains are usually more prominent on northern and western exposures and in heavily shaded areas. Algae grows on, under, and behind the tiny granules that cover the shingles and can harbor a number of molds. This results in unsightly stains and streaks on the roof. Roofs with algae stains absorb heat rather than reflect it, resulting in a super-heated attic and higher home cooling costs as well as reducing the natural life span of the shingles. 


Thick moss growth with its shallow root system keeps the roofing materials damp for extended periods of time. This moisture promotes wood rot and causes erosion of the shingles. Moss typically starts to grow at the top of the vertical slots between the shingles. These areas of asphalt shingles are the last place water evaporates from a roof. Moss, like lichen colonies, is quite damaging to shingles and some of the granules underneath the moss may already be gone as a result of this organism.  


Lichens are a fungus, usually of the class Ascomycetes, that grow symbiotically with algae, resulting in a composite organism that characteristically forms a crust-like or branching growth on shingle granules.  Lichens put out root-like tentacles that penetrate deep into the shingle’s organic, oil base for nourishment, eventually ruining them by creating dark spots, or pock marks where they grow.

Before and After Professional Roof Wash
Monster that Destroy Your Roof
Before and After Professional Roof Wash

Gutter Cleaning & Brightening

Tip Top Soft Washing will clean out your gutters today. 

Keeping your gutters full of leaves, dirt and other debris will lead to the downspout filling up with debris and not being able to drain properly.  In most cases the downspouts get so clogged that they can not drain at all in which leads to water draining off the top of the gutters and down the siding of your home.  This can lead to expensive repairs and can be avoided by a simple cleaning.

Tip Top can also brighten your gutters back to their original color.  When gutters are not properly maintained they will cause staining that is not easy to remove.  Also known as Tiger stripes.  Tip Top has the solution to bring your gutters back to new.  

Gutter Brightening
Gutter Brightening

Concrete Cleaning & Brightening 

Using a high pressure surface washer Tip Top Soft Washing can bring your cement back to a "like new" color.  We first pre-treat the concrete with a cleaner than use a high pressure surface cleaner to bring the soiling and stains to the surface.  We than use a special brightener that keeps makes the concrete shine.  

We recommend sealing the concrete to protect it from getting dirty quicker.  When concrete becomes dirty it will become slippery.  By cleaning and sealing the concrete this can be avoided.   

Tip Top cleans concrete walkways, driveways, and pool areas.


Before & After

Residential Cleaning Services

House Washing (Any Type of Siding)

Our house washing process uses soft washing technology to treat the siding with a water based environment friendly solution.  Your house will remain clean for a full 2 years if not longer.

Roof Cleaning (Soft Washed) (Any Type of 


>  The Roof is treated with a proprietary solution killing all organic growth, mold, mildew, bacteria and other contaminants.  This is extremely important for the lifespan of your roof, curb appeal and a dirty roof does not hold energy properly in your home.

Window Cleaning (Exterior ONLY)

Using our RO/DI system we clean all windows with Ultra purified water.  There are no minerals or metals in the water our system produces.  This  s allows each window to clean spot free.


other services - Concrete cleaning & sealing, gutter cleaning & brightening,,  solar panel cleaning, historic cleaning services, awning cleaning.