As stamped concrete restoration specialists we offer:

The Concrete Restoration Process:

2.  If your patio has spent years in the sun than it might need to re-antiqued which is a service we provide.  Antiquing revitalizes the faded colors in the concrete.  We carefully apply the Antiquing material which adds a new rich look to the patio or walkways.

3.  As masters ff restoring your stamped concrete, we use high grade sealers that have been specially formulated for stamped concrete.  Our products are  all "NO VOC" but with the right application will revive the patios and walkways, the sealer creates a protection locking in the color and providing protect .

Paver Restoration Process

"Tip Top Soft Washing is fully insured and a certified Paver Restoration Company"

Tip Top Soft Washing will transform your walkways or patios.

(Cleaning, Re-sand & Seal)

Phase 1

The most important part is the cleaning of all Pavers.  Tip Top has all the proper equipment to clean the pavers with Hot Water properly.   Every inch of the patio is cleaned the same way using a high alkaline cleaning.    Not only do we clean the organic staining, but rust stains and any other stain is removed. 

We remove at least a half inch of old polymeric sand.  After all surfaces are cleaned of sand, dirt, staining than we move onto phase 2.

Phase 2

After 12-24 hours of drying, we return to the project.  We begin by cleaning any bird dropping or debris that might be on the surface.  After the surface is cleaned of all debris, we start the re-sanding process.   After all areas are re-sanded (with the color of the owner’s choice), we start to seal the surface right away. 

Phase 3: 

The final step is applying the sealer.   


After applying the jointed sand, we use compactor to assure the sand get in every joint leaving no air pockets.  Next, we use a blower on idle to remove any aggregate that may be on top of the pavers.  This is important because the seal will not penetrate the pavers with sand on Top.

To finish up, we apply the sealer to the entire surface.  It will take 72 Hours to fully cure.

            BEFORE         AND           AFTER

BEFORE         AND           AFTER

Flagstone Patio / Natural stone

Cleaned and Sealer